Thursday, March 20

Happy World Frog Day! Frog party ideas and inspiration

There certainly a holiday for everything! Today's observance of Frog Day hits home here, though. With Spring here, we get a ton of peeper frogs around our pond/woods. These little guys put up such a racket for the Spring mating season! They say you can hear their peeps a mile away...for us, we have to shut the windows sometimes to hear the tv! Hope you are having a great 1st day of Spring!

Break out the sherbert and serve up this fun little guy today! Source and tutorial

Have some fun and make these frog party blowers! Source and tutorial

Make some chocolate frogs! Use craft paper to cut out lily pads! Source (buy mold here - link)

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  1. I love to listen to the peepers as I fall asleep. What a wonderful problem to have while falling asleep.

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